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Frequently Answered Questions

1. Who is Tommy Newberry?
Tommy Newberry is a Christian leader, entrepreneur, husband, father of three, son, brother, uncle, and best-selling author. And once you start The 40 Day Joy Challenge, he’ll be your coach and mentor. To learn more about Tommy, click here.
2. Who should take The 40 Day Joy Challenge?
Believe it or not, you, yes you, should take The 40 Day Joy Challenge. (Unless you already have too much joy!) Seriously, this challenge was designed for Christians who want to experience life to the fullest, reduce stress, set a better example, strengthen their marriage and other key relationships, and ultimately live the joy-filled life God intends.
3. Who should NOT take The 40 Day Joy Challenge?
The 40 Day Joy Challenge is not for grumpy, negative, cynical people unless they truly want to become joyful and make the rest of their life the best of their life (In which case, they’re definitely in the right place!). So, the only people Tommy can’t help with this challenge are people who don’t want to be helped. Everyone else will LOVE the experience and the joyful results!
4. Why is The 40 Day Joy Challenge 40 Days?
We made The 40 Day Joy Challenge last 40 days because 40 days is long enough to develop new habits. We really, really, really don’t want to just teach you about joy. Instead, we want you to live with joy, share joy and bless others with joy. From experience, we know that 40 days is short enough to keep your attention, but long enough to effect positive change. It’s also really cool to notice the significance of “40” in scripture. Think Noah, Moses and Jesus!
5. How do you define Joy and why is Joy Important?
In Tommy’s best-selling book, The 4:8 Principle, he defines joy as, “an outward sign of inward faith in the promises of God…the sum and substance of emotional health.” All of us here at The 40 Day Joy Challenge believe that living with joy is our birthright. It is God’s intention for all His children. In 1 Thessalonians, the apostle Paul writes, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (5:16-18, NIV). As children of God, we are rightful heirs to the blessing of overflowing joy. God has declared us worthy in Christ. As a result, we have a calling, a responsibility to express and demonstrate joy by the way we live. This, in a nutshell, is why joy is so important to us, and we are passionate about helping you experience more of it over the next 40 days and beyond!
6. Tell me about your 41 Day Money-back Guarantee!
We are convinced that The 40 Day Joy Challenge will boost your joy so much that you will tell all your friends and neighbors, and even your enemies about it. In fact, we are so sure you’ll love The 40 Day Joy Challenge that we’re giving you a 41 day money-back guarantee. Just give the program your best effort and if, by day 41, you conclude this joy-producing program did not boost your joy, then just send us an email and we’ll refund your investment. We will not ask for your joy back though; please keep it! 🙂
7. How much does The 40 Day Joy Challenge cost?
The investment to participate in this program is $87, but we periodically offer the program for only $40 during specific promotional periods throughout the year.
8. How quickly can I start after purchasing The 40 Day Joy Challenge?
You will immediately have access to the Orientation, and then Day 1 will begin the next morning. You will receive all course materials online and access to your online portal will be emailed to you. The entire content of The 40 Day Joy Challenge resides in your online portal.
9. How much time does the program take each day?
The average video lesson is approximately 7 minutes, but we recommend that you set aside ten minutes each day for participating in this challenge (this will account for your thought-work and the ONE THING exercise). Whether you do more or less is up to you and will likely vary depending on the focus of the day’s subject matter and your personal goals with the program.
10. May I purchase multiple 'Challenges' for a small group, team or family?
Yes you may! And, your thinking is already on track! The best way to get joy is to GIVE joy. This summer members of The 40 Day Joy Challenge will have the opportunity to gift the program to others FOR FREE! You’ll see this option once you login to your 40 Day Joy Challenge account.
11. Do I receive access to the entire course all at once or one day at a time?
You receive access to The 40 Day Joy Challenge one day at a time. The program is organized in very joyful “bite-sized” pieces for optimal absorption and retention of these life-changing concepts. We have created this format so that it’s easy to understand, consume and implement the ideas Tommy presents without becoming distracted or overwhelmed. For example, on Day 5, you will have access to Days 1-5, but not access to Day 6. Remember, we share the same goal: to help you experience greater joy. We have designed The 40 Day Joy Challenge with that singular goal in mind.
12. What if I miss a day during The 40 Day Joy Challenge?
To achieve optimal results (a bunch of extra joy), you will want to complete the challenge in 40 days! However, we understand that new habits can be hard to make. If you do happen to miss a day, NO STRESS! Just pick right back up where you left off and keep the recommended pace of one lesson per day until you have joyfully finished Day 40. We’ve even added a bonus, grace period of 40 extra days. After all, how many days do you need to complete a ’40 Day Challenge’!? 🙂
13. When will I start seeing results?
While The 40 Day Joy Challenge was created around the cumulative 40 day effect, you are very likely experience noticeable benefits in your attitude, gratitude, and relationships within the first 7 days, if not sooner. A powerful way to boost and accelerate your results is to participate with a friend or family member. And for the absolute best results, please complete this program, as directed, for 40 consecutive days as interruptions will reduce effectiveness.
14. Do you have any extra resources or course work if I want to go a little deeper into The 40 Day Joy Challenge?
I love that you’ve asked this question! Since you did, you’re similar to the kind of people we work with at Tommy Newberry Coaching. You are the type of person who wants to work a bit harder and take the concepts to the next level of understanding and application, and we really do have a surprise for you…In fact, we have 40 surprises. In addition to the daily drills, Tommy provides you with optional “bonus drills” for every single lesson. These exercises promote greater retention and a deeper understanding of the material, but the main purpose is to promote excellence because God calls us to be excellent in all that we do…and that’s why we went the extra mile intentionally, and with these bonus drills, you can easily travel the extra mile as well!
15. Why do you close each lesson with “Your Joy Blesses Others?
We do this because we believe it’s the truth. We were not only created for joy, but also with the expectation that our joyful approach to life would draw others to the Kingdom. Our joy truly does bless others…and we should, therefore, share it with others.
16. What else might I want to know about The 40 Day Joy Challenge?
The 40 Day Joy Challenge was designed to equip Christians with affordable, web-based coaching intended to boost their joy in practical and observable ways. The program is developed and delivered by best-selling Christian author and leadership coach, Tommy Newberry. The program is both educational and inspirational. Beyond the simple sharing of worthwhile ideas, The 40 Day Joy Challenge nudges, encourages and reminds you to take productive action. We go beyond teaching and into coaching where the aim is better habits, not just better information.The 40 Day Joy Challenge is about doing life better for the glory of God. Once you’re signed up for the program, you will receive daily emails that direct you to your video lesson of the day. The email serves as an initial layer of accountability, intended to incorporate an action item into a common daily routine.Additionally, the daily email manages or “drips” the content of The 40 Day Joy Challenge so only the appropriate quantity of information is presented to you on any given day. In each video lesson, you can expect to receive key teaching points rooted in biblical truths and timeless principles delivered in a variety of fun and creative ways. Heavy emphasis is placed on getting you to take what you learn in the lesson and turn it into real life application. Essentially, we want to facilitate joy moving from your head to your feet and hands, from knowledge to practice.The utilization of online videos makes the lessons convenient, accessible 24/7, and easy to consume for Christians seeking improvement in an innovative, modern, and high-tech delivery format. The lessons are supported by daily exercises or drills, which encourage you to transform the lesson into practical and meaningful action. Our goal is not short-lived inspiration, but sustainable improvement.

You can expect to be pushed, challenged, lifted-up, and encouraged. Instead of just teaching you nuggets of wisdom, our main objective is to promote follow-through. Reminder emails will prompt you to take action, and you can expect additional accountability if you don’t login to your daily lessons.