It’s easy to get in the habit of waiting for joy...

Waiting until he changes. Waiting until she changes.
Waiting until the business does a little better.
Waiting until the kids get older.
Waiting until you have more free time.
Waiting until you get the next raise.
Waiting until the commute gets shorter.
Waiting until the difficulties go away.
Waiting until the stress fades.
Waiting, waiting, waiting...

No more waiting. You can experience joy now! We’ve coached thousands of couples, business people, homemakers, and students to live with greater joy, and we can do the same for you.

Developed by New York Times best-selling author, Tommy Newberry, The 40 Day Joy Challenge is an innovative, web-based home-study course. Accessible anytime, anywhere, this Christian coaching program delivers short video lessons, accountability, and encouragement in only 9 minutes a day.